Rabu, 02 Januari 2008

How to do OBE

Mind Awake=Body Asleep this is all you need to AP you don’t need a technique at all. Here is how you do it when your rested repeat in your mind. Mind Awake and try to move your consinious to your brain. Then say Body Asleep in your mind and move your consciousness to your body its that easy. What I do is make two different colors so I can switch back and forth from Mind Awake and Body Asleep. I imagine my Body is a light blue and my brain is orange. When you inhale say in your mind Mind Awake then imagine your body is a light blue with an orange brain. Since your mind is awake increase the color of your orange brain make it brighter and your body dimmer. Then do the opposite when you exhale Say in your mind Body Asleep and dim your orange brain and make your light blue body brighter. You have to remember to say Mind awake or Body asleep in your mind depending on witch one your moving your consciousness to. This is a very easy method you have to try it.

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